Yoga Classes

60 minutes of mood-enhancement
Private & group kundalini yoga classes

Kundalini yoga is a fun, dynamic and highly effective practice. You’ll leave this hour session, feeling very different to when you arrived – refreshed, rejuvenated and crystal clear. Kundalini yoga is not the conventional ‘bendy’ yoga that we see in most yoga studios; it’s a dynamic meditation practice (we practise with our eyes closed – no one will see that we can’t touch our toes!) and uses some interesting and fun postures that detoxify and support the body’s internal organs on a deliciously deep level. You will feel the positive effects of an hour’s practice in increased energy levels, heightened concentration and a more optimistic outlook. Come wearing comfortable clothes appropriate for movement.


Private & group hatha yoga classes

Our hatha yoga classes are stretchy, strengthening and restorative, perfect for a desk-bound job. Prepare to breathe deep and work out any knots of tension in your shoulders, back, arms and legs. We teach you poses and sequences that detoxify, energise and balance you to support a demanding lifestyle. With a dedicated regular practice, you will see your strength and flexibility increase, and your capacity for concentration and your emotional wellbeing will improve too. Come wearing comfortable clothes appropriate for movement.


What you’ll experience with our yoga classes:

  • A highly experienced, qualified instructor who comes to your workspace at an agreed time for a one-off or weekly class.
  • You will learn simple techniques to destress, relax, or energise you that you can practice at home or in the office.
  • Each session fits comfortably into an hour’s lunch break, into the hour before or after work, or even in that spare mid-afternoon slot between meetings.
  • You will leave each class feeling brighter, lighter, stronger and clearer, and ready to take on the world.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat.