Meditation Classes

60 minutes of pure peace

What to expect from our meditation classes

The ingredients for a Still In The City meditation class are a willing group / individual and a free meeting room in your office. If we have some space for a bit of movement, great, but if there’s a conference table in the middle, no problem. Banish any ideas that you’ll be sitting in an excruciating cross-legged position, trying to think of nothing. These classes are fun, varied and interesting. You will learn techniques to master the mind and to calm its endless chatter. Who knows, you may just be inspired to start your own daily meditation practice.

What you’ll experience with our meditation classes:

  • An experienced, qualified instructor who comes to your workspace at an agreed time every week.
  • A variety of different meditation and relaxation techniques will be taught to you and your colleagues.
  • Each session fits comfortably into an hour lunch break.
  • Every week will offer the opportunity to breathe a little deeper, let go of any stress and encourage you to smell the roses a little more.
  • You will learn take-home techniques and tools that you can use in your daily life.