Yoga Classes

60 minutes of mood-enhancement


Chair Massage

15-30 minutes of back-rub bliss


Meditation Classes

60 minutes of pure peace


The city is noisy and frenetic and beautiful. Be still, and enjoy it

London can be a pretty stressful place to live and work, especially when we have deadlines to meet, networking to do, gym classes to get to and friends to hang out with. It soon mounts up.

This is where we step in. We're Still In The City. We help you to manage the stress of a high-octane work life, so you can maintain a strong nervous system, a healthy balanced body and fully enjoy all the juicy delights that living and working in London has to offer. 

Our destress sessions and courses support you and your colleagues to manage those stressful environments that we often find ourselves in. We will teach you a variety of tools and techniques that help to relax you and keep anxiety at bay, including rejuvenating movements, breathing exercises and meditations, that will help to hush those repetitive and often unhelpful chatterings of the mind, bringing a deep sense of calm and contentment.

Each session will take you on a journey to inner peace, enabling you to think more clearly, breathe a little deeper and take the time to smell the roses. It means you can work harder, play harder and live harder, while still in the city.


'Our Still In The City yoga teacher is very professional, yet extremely warm and approachable. She leads you through a fabulous journey, plays wonderful music, and provides follow up information and meditations. The material and exercises are always highly relevant and thoroughly enjoyable – quite trying at times, but our teacher always seems to know the exact moment to provide encouragement and boost the energy levels!' 

Emma Rowe, PA at Goldman Sachs